Corse- 1982- Portrait de DALIDA en vacances, dans sa villa de Porto Vecchio, prenant le petit-déjeuner sur le lit avec ses deux chiens

Bonjour Motherfuckers #15 – BPM edition

The other day I was talking to a friend who has just gotten his second jab (I’m still on the first one myself) about how comfortable he expected to feel when full standing, non-distanced concerts started happening in full force again. He confessed he had already given the matter some thought, especially since returning to a normalcy of sorts has become more of a source of anxiety than an actual relief. His reply reflected this duality, saying he couldn’t know for sure but expected a mix of emotions ranging from overjoy to profound sadness. After an initial shock and when all becomes steadier, we’ll inevitably be mourning people, places, situations, and – most importantly – ourselves. A part of us has been irrevocably lost in this year and a half, and we’re still not sure how we’re going to react to it.

Of course, it doesn’t help that our hot girl/boy/alien summer has been postponed for another year, at least in its most carefree format. Even Pride Month felt unusually bitter, with cancellations of parades (Lisbon’s sudden rise in cases made for a last-minute appeal from the Portuguese Health Department to call the event off) and unexpected mourning: a good friend of mine famous for his drag queen shows in Porto lost a shockingly short battle against cancer, sending a whole community into collective grief.

But there were also good things: the Convention des Labels Indépendants returned to Point Éphémère (to its outdoor area, at least), and it felt good to finally see some of the faces behind the releases I bring you monthly. Check out a brand new French bouquet below, and remember to support your favourite artists whenever you can; we’re not out of the woods yet. But hey, will we ever be?

J.C. Satàn’s frontman Arthur releases debut solo album

First of all, if you’re not at all familiar with French garage psychers J.C. Satàn, you’re missing out big time—their self-description of “QOTSA getting its ass kicked by the Black Sab of “Paranoid” while Jean-Claude Vannier’s on the lookout round the corner” alone makes for a promising listen. After having released their latest LP Centaur Desire back in 2018, it’s now frontman Arthur‘s time to venture solo with the appropriately titled So Far So Good, which came out last month via Born Bad. Highly recommended to fans of Of Montreal, The Kinks, Supergrass, T. Rex, and everything in-between. Just listen to it, dammit.

Citizen Records celebrates its 20th anniversary

Founded in 2001 by DJ and producer Vitalic, Citizen Records quickly established itself as a key piece in the French independent circuit, and has ever since become a major player in the electronica market. Featuring an impressive roster that includes the likes of Arnaud Rebotini, John Lord Fonda, Teenage Bad Girl, and Vitalic’s side project with Rebeka Warrior KOMPROMAT, Citizen is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a special compilation of tracks that marked its two-decade existence. Among these are two previously unreleased songs, John Lord Fonda’s “They Will Fight For You” and Vitalic’s own “Hey Stay Back,” which you can stream via Soundcloud above. 

Third Side Records reissues Domingo’s debut LP

Another French label celebrating its 20th anniversary is Third Side Records, to whom we owe game-changing discoveries such as La Femme (they released their debut 10′ Le Podium in 2011) or Fishbach. Celebration comes the form of a series of re-releases, including the astonishing 2008 debut of pre-Juniore‘s incarnation Domingo. The LP is now available in CD and digital formats, fully remastered, and includes a previously unreleased track titled “Family Tree.” Check out the track above, and head here for the full series of reissues. 

Vaudou Game return with new album Noussin

French-Togolese collective Vaudou Game are back with a brand new album, their first since 2018’s highly acclaimed OTODI. Led by single “Bella”, Noussin gathers ten astonishing tracks in the band’s Afro-Funk tradition, mixing ’70s influences with Sub-Saharan musical and cultural referents for an infectious result. This LP brings about a different approach though: Peter Solo separates for the first time from his brassy guard, replacing it with analog synths for a fresh new sound. You can stream Noussin in full via most streaming platforms.

Territory unveil video for new single “Decide”

One for fans of post-punkers Rendez-Vous (it’s been a while, guys!), just in time for a hot throwback Summer. Parisians Territory have shared the visuals for “Decide”, the first single from their upcoming album Protocol which is due out sometime in the fall. Somber and straightforward as the track itself, the clip was directed by Ludovic Azémar and shows the quartet playing the song in a dark-lit warehouse, dynamically shot through a couple of different lenses. You can check it out above, and keep an eye on the band’s socials for more info on the LP.

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