Photo: Alex Berger

BIZZY ponders the dating age gap on her new single “My Age”

When a 24-year-old dates a 30-year-old, there’s a cultural chasm that cries out for a song like “My Age”, the new single from Nashville-based pop artist BIZZY. For example, a 30-year-old has fuzzy childhood memories of 9/11 and Nelly, while a 24-year-old hit adolescence during the relatively quiet Obama years.

BIZZY explains: “At 24, it feels like we’re all trying to figure out who we want our person to be. This song is a reminder to not be scared to ask the questions that will help you figure that out. All of my songs are inspired by my real experiences – down to the gritty details. I like singing my truth, because I can easily get on stage and sing about someone else’s experience, but I’m going to scream it and feel it in my soul if I’m singing about mine.”

It’s an interesting topic for a song, and BIZZY gives it an irresistible singalong chorus. She sounds like a poppier version of the brilliant Ingrid Andress, not just on this track but on her debut single “Anybody” (an ode to how we drop our high expectations when real love comes knocking).

Like Taylor Swift, BIZZY casts her spell not just with catchy choruses but with lines like these: “You make us reservations and know all about wine / You talk to me for hours about French colonial times.” You can vividly picture this date where a 24-year-old wonders how the heck she got involved with a Tesla-driving oenophile.

BIZZY’s voice has remarkable warmth and personality, too. When you hear her sing “so what’s the big deal?” in “Anybody”, you get the feeling that BIZZY’s combination of engaging vocals and superb lyrics will take her to Taylor heights some day.

Listen to “My Age” below, or find it on the streaming platforms.

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