Photo: Hanly Banks Callahan

Bill Callahan exists in satisfied contemplation on “Coyotes”

Bill Callahan is releasing his new album YTI⅃AƎЯ on October 14 and today we finally get to hear a song from it. It’s called “Coyotes” and Callahan says:

“Coyotes — We lived for awhile in a house in the hills. Coyote hills. The coyotes would start their song at dawn. Dawn and dusk were their main appearance times. Our dog would sleep outside sometimes in the morning and our boy was still bite-size. The coyotes would come take notes, edging closer each day. Mornings on the kingsize outdoor daybed. Like a righteous floating tide the coyotes would drift into our world. Predator and prey, blurred. Past and present, blurred. The young, the aged are to be snatched and devoured. Past lives edge in closer to try to speak to us. Current lives eye the past ones like sleeping dogs. And love spans all, that is why the feeling is so deep — deeper than one lifetime.”

The song has an open-hearted and lilting tone, and you can imagine the “coyote hills” stretching out before Callahan as he sings out his satisfaction at life. His happiness blurs with his dreams of running with the coyotes, and he comes to the realisation that his dreams are real, that life is one unending experience that makes a man over the course of many lives. It’s classic Callahan wit and wisdom.

Take a look at the “lyric video” below or find “Coyotes” on streaming platforms.

Bill Callahan’s new album YTI⅃AƎЯ arrives on October 14 (pre-order/save).