Photo: Hanly Banks Callahan

Bill Callahan delivers new version of his Smog classic “Let’s Move To The Country”

We’re now onto week six of the Bill Callahan extravaganza, which means today we have track six from the forthcoming Gold Record. This time around it’s not a new song, but instead a revisit to his 1999 Smog track “Let’s Move To The Country”.

The new version of “Let’s Move To The Country” does away with the more artistic additions like the choral undertone and the interlocking violins, instead giving us a fairly straightforward acoustic version. Callahan sounds more at peace on the new version, and that might be an indication as to why he’s decided to revisit this track. Back in the 90s when he wrote it, there was something sardonic about his suggestion of “Let’s Move To The Country”, whereas now he is older and has settled down with a wife and family, and it’s no longer just a dream, but a reality.

Bill Callahan will be releasing a new song from his upcoming album Gold Record every Monday until its release on September 4. You can follow him on Twitter and Bandcamp.