Biig Piig taps into her darkside on the badass “Cuenta Lo” and its gangster video

Every time Jess Smyth aka Biig Piig puts out a new single, it’s time to sit up and pay attention. She still hasn’t announced a debut album, but when she’s on a hot streak of singles like this, why bother? Continuing on from last year’s joyous “Feels Right” comes her first of 2021, “Cuenta Lo”, and it’s another unexpected style switch – which she pulls off with aplomb. It finds her singing largely in Spanish and expressing some darker desires. She explains:

“[“Cuenta Lo”] is an alter-ego-driven song about money, sex and power. The video is based around when I used to be a poker dealer, and it’s about the coldness and greediness that money can bring in all industries…including music.” 

The scene is set by a deep bass pulse and drill-like clicks, and Biig Piig comes in all breathy and full of confidence – starkly different from her usual voice as she fully embodies the insalubrious character she’s portraying. Living vicariously through her on “Cuenta Lo”, we feel as if we’re in the shoes of a high-level player, oozing through shady bars and casinos, getting silent respect from everyone we pass. It’s an intoxicating feeling that’s quite a world apart from what we’ve heard from Biig Piig before – but no less addictive.

The video for “Cuenta Lo” takes the fantasy even further. You can watch it below or listen to the song on streaming platforms.

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