Photo: Melanie Lehman

Biig Piig dreams of a blissful night out dancing on “Feels Right”

It’s been a big year for Biig Piig (Jess Smyth), even though she is yet to release or even announce a debut album. She has released a string of wonderful singles throughout 2020, and caps it off with arguably the best yet – today’s “Feel Right”. She says:

“‘Feels Right’ is a track about the energy of a night out. I miss going out so much. The feeling of letting go and being surrounded by sweaty people; meeting strangers and one-night romances; the tunes and ecstasy. Feel like pure shit just want her back :'(. So we made ‘Feels Right’ with that in mind. The closest we can get to that feeling again right now is writing about it.”

We’re surely all missing the communcal experience of dancing, singing, swaying – or whatever – in unison, but Biig Piig captures that inchoate ache perfectly on “Feels Right”. Utilising a beat and production methods that could easily transfer to a dancefloor stormer, she instead keeps it relatively muted, as if the dream of the nightclub is living only in her mind. Lyrically, she taps into the carefree frolics of nightlife by simply following her desires and instincts, ignoring all thoughts of tomorrow’s regrets and simply going where everything “Feels Right”. A purely infectious track, “Feels Right” will simultaneously make you feel like you’re in a bustling bar – and yearn for it all the more.

Listen to “Feels Right” on your preferred streamer or via the embed below.

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