Biig Piig follows her desire into darkness on “Lavender”, announces new EP

Following a year where she’s dropped a series of genre-shifting and eye-opening singles, London-based alt-pop artist Biig Piig has announced her new EP: it’s called The Sky Is Bleeding, will be an audio-visual release, and comes out on May 21. Of the project, Biig Piig aka Jess Smyth says:

“‘The Sky Is Bleeding’ is a project that I’ve let myself be free and open about situations and fantasies of mine that I haven’t touched on before. My sexuality and secrets. I wanted to take the listener as close as I could to some of the intimate and vulnerable places I go alone.”

We certainly get a dose of that risqué mood in lead single “Lavender”, which Smyth says is  “a track about giving in to temptation and exploring the feeling of letting go, sexual energy and secrecy.”

A low-key rocker with gnarled guitars underscoring Biig Piig’s tiptoeing vocal, it easily evokes a seedy situation, where temptation bleeds from every wall. Vocally, Biig Piig sounds small and coy, whispering her vocals, but she can’t deny her primal urges; “I want a dark room and dim lights / wanna feel the bass hit in my thighs,” she suggests, provocatively. She doesn’t need the song to really explode to get her point across, and it remains a coiled ball of sexual potential, making it all the more magnetic.

Take a deeper trip into Biig Piig’s darkened world with the video for “Lavender”, where she visits a Eyes Wide Shut style party. Otherwise listen to it on streaming platforms.

Biig Piig’s The Sky Is Bleeding EP arrives on May 21 via RCA (pre-order/save). Follow Biig Piig on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The Sky Is Bleeding track list:

01. Remedy
02. Tarzan
03. Baby Zombies
04. Lavender
05. Drugs
06. American Beauty