A couple of weeks ago Big Thief shared a set of demos, with proceeds going to their touring crew, and today, ever determined to share, they have a new song for us called “Love in Mine”.

Some out there may have already heard the track, as it was a b-side to a fan-only 7″ that was sent out last summer ahead of Two Hands. We’re thankful that the rest of us can hear it now, as “Love in Mine” has the same ephemeral beauty of just about everything Big Thief have ever done. Adrianne Lenker’s voice intertwines with Buck Meek’s over delicate acoustic fingerpicking, which ensures heartfelt message glides right into your love receptors: “Put your love in mine / Let your body sing when your words won’t / Tell me everything.”

Make sure you also grab those demos to support a good cause and get a valuable insight into one of the most prolific bands of the modern age.