Eliot Lee Hazel

Beth Orton drifts through the ruminative reflections of “Forever Young”

Beth Orton is no stranger to soul-shaking ballads. Having last visited us with the cruelly underrated Kidsticks in 2016, she’s finally set to return this September with Weather Alive. Having already teased the LP with the striking title track, she’s now returned with the equally expressive “Forever Young”.

Collaborating with ambient artist Dustin O’Halloran of A Winged Victory for the Sullen, among others, she crafts a sonic landscape that’s all too easy to get lost within. It’s as bracing as it is searching, made all the more striking by the backing vocals of Grey McMurray.

Speaking on the album, Orton shares, “I wanted to be one of those women who are all sorted and put together some day but at 40, I kept getting messier and things just kept going wrong. This record explores all of that. I’m talking about my experiences possibly in a more personal way then I ever have but the important part will be how this music makes other people feel. It’s not a finished masterpiece, it is a collaboration with time, of someone struggling to make sense. And in that struggle, something beautiful got made.

Beth Orton’s new album Weather Alive comes out on September 23 through Partisan (pre-order/save). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.