Photo: Koen Lang

Belgian producer Alex Lustig shares the frenetic “Neo” featuring South Korean singer SUMIN

While Toronto-based, Belgian producer and artist Alex Lustig previously explored an ambient fusion sound with last year’s Fate, he’s set to venture in a new direction with the project’s Fate (B-Sides). Perfect proof of that is his latest single, the more-than-upbeat “Neo”, featuring South Korean R&B singer (with the song’s title attributed to her, with “Neo” translating to “you” in Korean) SUMIN. It displays his constant growth, expanding in new directions all while staying loyal to his prior work.

He explains the track’s direction, saying, “I love blending genres and wanted to mix Jungle & Drum and bass with my ambient sound to create something that still connected with me. I love having a deep meditative sound but yet still have energy with the drums. ‘Neo’ (meaning You in Korean) is the moment when our hearts start to flutter is like a shining starlight. SUMIN is singing calmly in voice on a sparkling drum beat. ‘I want to be with you day and night.’

Check it out, along with its video, below or listen on streamers.