bdrmm return with the searing catharsis of “It’s Just A Bit of Blood”, announce new album on Rock Action

Hull-based shoegaze band bdrmm have signed to Mogwai’s Rock Action label for the release of their second album I Don’t Know, arriving on June 30. They’ve shared the album’s lead single, “It’s Just A Bit Of Blood”, saying:

“Most people who have seen us tour will recognise this track. The more we played it, the more it dawned on us it was becoming something special, and an integral part of our set. Lyrically, it stems from my recent mental health awareness. I’d become depressed and very socially anxious, I really felt like I had changed and didn’t know who I was. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by three of my brothers within this band – one literally by blood – and have always been able to be myself with them. It’s about realising what you have and remembering that when you can’t see it.”

Following a subdued opening that builds potential energy, “It’s Just A Bit Of Blood” utilises wind-tunnel sonics and heedless propulsion to reintroduce bdrmm more ferociously and grandly than before. Their heedless charge dives into a couple of pockets of quietness along the way, allowing singer Ryan Smith to ask the question “where did my heart go?”, only for the band launch back into their sonic assault, sweeping him gradually up in the bluster before any kind of answers can be grasped, hurrying him along before he can react to the world speeding by. It’s a direct and dynamic use of bdrmm’s strengths, simultaneously reflecting the tumultuousness of life and the strength of staying together through it.

Watch the video for “It’s Just A Bit Of Blood” below or find the song on streamers.

bdrmm’s new album I Don’t Know arrives on June 30 through Rock Action (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.