BANKS obsesses over a lost love on the intimate heartbreaker “I Still Love You”

BANKS is releasing her new album Serpentina in early April, and today she’s followed up the recent “Holding Back” with a song that’s almost the polar opposite, sonically: “I Still Love You”. She reveals:

“I’ve held this song tight for over six years. It felt like a secret I wanted to keep just for myself. But I finally feel not only ready but so excited to share this with the world. It’s about loving someone you don’t talk to anymore. Missing the little things about them. Even the things you thought you hate. I hope you feel like you are sitting next to me when you listen. And I hope it’s as special to those who hear it as it is to me.”

You can understand why she held back on it for so long, due to its unguarded approach to revealing her secret feelings towards someone she can no longer see. Over a silken piano melody and whispering strings, she croons about how she still dreams of that former flame, admitting she might not know the intimate details she once knew – but she still loves them. It’s a ballad in the mould of the pop greats, but more delicate and genuinely honest-sounding than most achieve.

Check out the video below or find “I Still Love You” on streaming platforms.

BANKS’ new album SERPENTINA is out on April 8 through AWAL (pre-order/save). You can find her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.