Photo: Liz Bretz

Azure Ray announce first album in over a decade with the title track “Remedy”

Legendary dream pop duo Azure Ray are back, with their first album in over 10 years. Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink have announced they are releasing their fifth full-length, Remedy, on June 18, and with the news have seen fit to release the first single, the sparkling title track. 

Over gently interlocking picked guitars, Fink sings in her trademark plaintive voice, delivering tender, moving lyrics like “Every moment is like a different performance / Right?”, and “You seem honest enough / But I need to be sure / That you’re kind”. The song slowly builds, adding some distant drums and sparse textures, the duo’s harmonies as heavenly as ever.

“Remedy” is not a sea change for the group, but it is a nice reminder of what made them so special to begin with. Their soft and emotive sound, all hushed prettiness and sorrow in miniature, has subtly invaded many of the popular sounds of today, inspiring several singer-songwriters since their landmark debut in 2001, which was just rereleased for its 20th anniversary. Perhaps it’s surprising a band as small scale and unassuming as Azure Ray would have a lasting impact, but then, look again, and it’s not so weird: musicians have proven for decades that people long for honest, touching, and beautiful songwriting, and Taylor and Fink have been providing that for two decades, right up to this delicate new single.

Remedy is out June 18 via Taylor’s own Flower Moon Records (pre-order/save). You can find Azure Ray on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.