Leading up to the Afghan Whigs-curated ATP festival in New York City, festival organizers have compiled a free mixtape featuring artists set to take the stage at Pier 36 from September 21-23.  The mixtape includes artists such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Thee Oh Sees, Braids, and Phillip Glass + Tyondai Braxton.  Stream or download the mixtape here or listen below.

Also of note is the fact that there will be an Instagram Scavenger Hunt which includes a prize pack featuring a special package of tickets to the multi-day festival, three nights accommodation at the Ace Hotel, Greg Dulli curated books, and a selection of Criterion Collection Blu-rays and DVD’s.

According to the ATP official website:

This Friday the 14th of September we will be announcing the films and books chosen by Greg Dulli as part of his curation of the festival. Two of the books will be discussed at the festival (hosted by Lapham’s Quarterly), and the films will be shown in a cinema at the festival alongside other programming by The Criterion Collection and ATP.

For the scavenger hunt, ATP has left copies of some of the books and films featured at the event at various shops and businesses around New York City. Clues about book locations can be found below. Once you’ve worked out the location of a specific book, ask inside the business to see if your guess is correct. Be the first to Instagram a photo of the book or film to ATP at @atpfestival with #ATPNYC and the shop name, and then keep that item as a prize.

The person that is the first to send in a photo, announcing a film or book as part of the line-up enters into a drawing to win 2 tickets to ATP, a room at The Ace Hotel for the 3 nights of the event and a bumper pack of books and Criterion films in the festival.

Clues as to the whereabouts of where we have placed a book or film are below.

1) Oscar the LP
2) Where a lighthouse might store its clothes
3) There are six in this clue
4) Flour, sugar, eggs and butter for sale
5) Tito’s Scottish cousin
6) Motorhead digs at this hotel
7) This gallery is so delusional
8) Howard the doorman stares at the pink pussycat in the West Village
9) Sounds from a strange village in Lost
10) Audio neutering on fruit
11) Not a condo in the year before the nation started to daydream

Get Ready.