Ashley Miers tantalizes on “(Kiss Me) Goodbye”

“(Kiss Me) Goodbye” by LA artist Ashley Miers (and featuring Elizabeth Russo of Paint The Muse) beautifully balances lyrical urgency with the music’s sultry slow burn. The hypnotic mood and whispers grab you immediately, and the song contains some of the most memorable lyrics of the year: “What if I’m the wolf and not the sheep?, I can’t keep count and I can’t fucking sleep.”

The new single is the first release from an upcoming three-song EP titled LA Affair. It’s the work of the talented troika of Miers, Russo and producer Ben Masters. Miers is the consummate LA multi-hyphenate: actress/musical artist/entrepreneur – and she and Russo have garnered impressive sync cuts on network TV.

Commenting on the new track, Miers says, “While I certainly traversed some darker places emotionally in my younger years, I’d say that we’re all in pretty positive places in our lives right now. So writing ‘(Kiss Me) Goodbye’ was an interesting exploration of (and in a sense a look back at) what it’s like to embody a more turbulent and tortured emotional state. For my part, I’d say I wrote this song more from a place of self-reflection than from current identification, which was rewarding in that it gave me an opportunity to recognize my own personal growth in terms of the way I relate to this kind of material at this point in my life versus previously.”

Adds Russo: “This is such a new sound and direction for us, both musically and lyrically, and I’m really proud of what we’ve created together. I love the dark, moody nature of this first single.”

Listen to “(Kiss Me) Goodbye” below, or find it on your favorite streaming service.

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