Ari Dayan shares pulsating “Pride”, a highlight from her new album

LA pop sensation Ari Dayan has the rare ability to be both a wry satirist and dancefloor diva – and her new album Sinfluencer, out today, is chockful of fabulous songs like “Pride”, which has an irresistible Kool & The Gang-style chorus.

If “Pride” doesn’t get you boppin’ and dancin’, you don’t have a pulse. It’s pop perfection, just like Dayan’s earlier singles “Love” and “Alive”. The latter has a Caribbean-flavored chorus that really soars.

Ari is also a lyrical Voltaire who makes trenchant observations about these crazy times. On the new album, she lampoons LA’s obsession with weight-loss drugs in “Ozempic Wegovy Mounjaro”.

Bottom line: Sinfluencer is gonna slingshot Ari Dayan into the pop stratosphere. The new collection is easily a highlight of the year.

Listen to “Pride” below, or find the full album on the streamers.

Ari Dayan’s new album Sinfluencer is out now. Follow Ari Dayan on Instagram and TikTok.