Arca has already blown our minds once this year, with her excellent 62-minute “single” @@@@@, but she’s got more in store in the form of a new album called KiCK i. While the release date has not yet been revealed, she has shared the first song and video “Nonbinary”.

As usual with the otherworldly producer, “Nonbinary” is a completely indefinable melange of heavy ideas chopped and sewn together into a breathtaking whole. Starting with ominous hollow percussive sounds, “Nonbinary” soon finds a tripping, domineering voice taking centre stage, before she goes hard on the techno, going all-guns-blazing into this new all-encompassing chapter for Arca.

Watch the video for “Nonbinary” below, which only further proves that there is truly nobody like her on the planet.

While we don’t yet know the release date of KiCK i, you can join Arca on her Discord channel #Mutants1000000 for a discussion on her #identity-philosophy text channel.