It’s only a couple of weeks until the release of Arca‘s new album KiCK i, and today she shares the third track from the album, “Mequetrefe”. In her own words, the song “invokes the tenderness behind expressing who you are without shame, and the confidence and bravery it requires, because expression of gender-nonconforming self-states in a public space can often result in static within your environment.”

As usual, Arca’s new track is a hyper-detailed tapestry of sounds, with a refracted voice at the centre, while all around are shards of shimmering electronics that reflect this central form in powerful ways. With a series of juddering beats underpinning it, “Mequetrefe” impels you to dance, but is such an unusual rhythm that it forces you to naturally figure out how best to move to it – ultimately leading to simple self expression.

Stream “Mequetrefe” below, or on all the streaming platforms.

Arca’s KiCK i is out on June 26 via XL. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.