Photo: Ellius Grace

Aoife Nessa Frances gracefully accepts heartbreak on “Way To Say Goodbye”, announces new album

Irish songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Aoife Nessa Frances will release her second album Protector on October 28 through Partisan. It features recent gem “Emptiness Follows” and today’s new offering “Way To Say Goodbye”. Of the new track, Frances explains:

“‘Way To Say Goodbye’ reflects the feelings when a relationship ends, the difficulty of letting something go. How fear of loneliness can make you hold on to something for too long after it no longer serves you. The process of writing this song was incredibly cathartic and healing.”

“Way To Say Goodbye” is a cloud of cotton tones, synths, strings and clarinet all cushioning Frances’ velvet voice as she floats in her feelings, knowing that her heart is broken but trying to accept it with grace. She glides us through scenes of waking up alone, realising that her ex will soon move on to someone else, accepting these facts with openness that somewhat diffuses the pain. “There’s no easy way to say goodbye to you” she intones in her rich voice, a sigh that sounds simplistic but has clearly taken a long time of self-reflection to reach.

Watch the video for “Way To Say Goodbye” below or find it on streaming platforms.

Aoife Nessa Frances’ new album Protector arrives on October 28 through Partisan (pre-order/save). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.