Photo: Melanie Lehmann

Anz teams with George Riley for the flirtatious and fluorescent “You Could Be”, announces ambitious new project

Manchester-based DJ and producer Anz has announced her first body of work for Ninja Tune: it’s called All Hours and arrives on October 15. The six-track release has an ambitious concept, as she explains:

“‘All Hours’ was built to be a soundtrack for 24 hours, from sunrise to the next. Dance music for people who are up all hours – through the day to the club and onwards, each track leaves traces in the one that follows.”

The first song to be shared is “You Could Be”, which comes from a high point in the evening, when lust is palpable and eyes are roving over bodies, looking for a prospective partner. To help in this mission, she has brought in London singer George Riley, and Anz says about their collab:

“It’s important to me that everything I do is organic and authentic… after so many years sitting on this track and so many almost-there studio attempts, working with George was unbelievably straightforward and lovely – it felt really real and true…”

“You Could Be” captures the excitement of sudden attraction through Anz’s deployment of insistent rhythms under bright, effervescent synth melodies; we can practically see the neon lights radiating off the skin of the person they’ve spotted. Riley’s honeyed vocals bring this desire to life in more direct ways, her dextrous voice flitting around the production naturally. She is full of equal parts confidence and is cuttingly clear as she makes her desires clear: “I want you, do you want me?” shortly followed by the ultimatum: “you could be my lover boy, or are you just lazy?” With Anz’s impish and stylish production percolating all around, the result is totally irresistible.

Listen to “You Could Be” below or on your preferred platform.

Anz’s All Hours EP arrives on October 15 through Ninja Tune (pre-save). You can find her on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.