Anjimile wrenches out another tear about identity on “In Your Eyes”

Rising Boston-based singer-songwriter Anjimile is quickly making a mark for himself, with just a mere handful of singles (and a small mixtape) to his name. In anticipation of his debut record titled Giver Taker, Anjimile had already released the deeply intimate “Maker” and the jaunty little “Baby No More”. Today, he has dropped the album’s third single titled “In Your Eyes”, and boy, is it a tearjerker.

Though not the low-key folk tune that “Maker” is, “In Your Eyes” is made equally moving through considerably larger production choices of broadening guitar swells, a humming bassline, alongside additional vocals to complete the richness of this track. And yet, the weight of “In your Eyes” is foremost rendered heavy by another deep dive into the topic of identity.  

Singing on the track, “Does my body divide? / Was my body denied? / I can see what’s in your eyes / No, I can’t be what’s in your eyes.” Anjimile, a trans man, enters the ether of bigotry to confront the narrow-minded views of who he is and how he identifies. Anjimile explains:

“This is another song about grappling with homophobia and ultimately recognizing that I am what I am.”

If “In Your Eyes”, alongside “Maker” and “Baby No more” are a sign of things to come, we are in for a tearjerking experience come later this month.

Anjimile’s debut album Giver Taker is out on September 18 via Father/Daughter. Follow Anjimile on Instagram,  Twitter, and Facebook and make sure to preorder Giver Taker here