Photo: Sven Gutjahr

Anika yearns for personal revolution on “Change”, announces new album

Anika returned at the end of April with “Finger Pies”, her first song under her own name for the best part of a decade, and she’s now revealed she has an album called Change on the way on July 23. She’s also shared the title track, saying:

There’s a lot of stuff I want to change. Some things, I sat down and decided last year, I had to change about myself and my life. Sometimes it feels helpless because the things we want to change are so huge and out of our control. Starting with yourself is always a good place. I think we can change.” 

“Change” is much clearer in its message than “Finger Pies” (or a lot of what Anika likes to do), and musically it follows suit. A relatively simple but undeniably lovely indie floater, it supports Anika’s circuitous pontifications on personal change and growth with a ghostly caress of synth and other faded flickers of lively echoes. While the singer seems to be in a demure mood to start, wondering why people try not to change, as she continues to circle the subject, she eventually re-angles her thought and determines “I think we can change”, a minor revelation that comes about subtly but refreshingly, like a much needed and enlivening breath of clean air and positivity.

The video for “Change” was created with Sven Gutjahr; watch it below or listen to the song on streaming platforms.

Anika’s new album Change comes out on July 23 through Sacred Bones (North/South America – pre-order) and Invada (rest of world – pre-order). Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.