Photo: Sven Gutjahr

Anika returns with the surrealist gem, “Finger Pies”

Having spent the last half decade spearheading Exploded View, Berlin-based psych songwriter Anika returns with her first song under her own name in eight years. It’s called “Finger Pies”, and Anika has this to say about it:

A song that never had a name, like an artist that never had a face. Caught between roles, a jack of all trades, she slips between your fingers like a moment that never was, or was it? So many faces tailored to a myriad of occasions. Walls built between ourselves and the outside world. For protection. Passes grant access to another level. So where are you at? Those with all the keys, please remember, access comes with responsibility. Yet responsibility has been lost, like tissue paper in the rain, a battle without rules, to save face, exploit weakness, to save getting slayed, by the faceless generation. Welcome to the world of Finger Pies.”

Oozing on chunky bass and glistening atmospherics, “Finger Pies” is a great realm in which Anika can show off her hallucinogenic images and commanding voice. “Some say that you are only interested in one thing / that’s to get your own way,” she sings in the chorus, almost without emotion, adding a god-like aura to the proclamation. The verses present a different, more vulnerable view of someone having something like a panic attack – or are they asserting themselves? The kaleidoscopic song is always slipping out of your grasp just when you might have figured it out; you’re never entirely sure whose thoughts you’re hearing or at whom they’re directed. It all adds up to give “Finger Pies” a feeling like tumbling through someone’s private feelings, with brief flashes of memories and imagination intermingling, creating a disorienting and fascinating whole.

The video for “Finger Pies” was created with Sven Gutjahr, and you can watch it below or listen to the song on streaming platforms.

“Finger Pies” is out via Invada / Sacred Bones. Hopefully there’s more to come from Anika soon, so make sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.