Photo: Colin Medley

Andy Shauf announces new album coming out this Friday, shares the lonesome “Jaywalker”

When Andy Shauf released his new single “Spanish on the Beach” earlier this month, it was easy to assume that it was a one-off, perhaps a leftover from last year’s excellent The Neon Skyline. Turns out, he had a whole new album up his sleeve called Wilds, which is going to come out on September 24 – that’s right, in two days’ time.

It’s a set of nine songs culled from the same recordings as The Neon Skyline, but is by no means an ‘off-cuts’ record, as the quality of “Spanish on the Beach” attests. If you’re still sceptical, then listen to today’s new offering “Jaywalker”, in which Shauf turns his poetic eye on another of his sorry, down-on-their-luck characters and manages to trace a whole life in a matter of minutes. Add to this a charming, chirping electronic organ, and “Jaywalker” is another immediate winner from the songwriter.

Listen to “Jaywalker” below or on streaming platforms.

Andy Shauf’s new album Wilds comes out this Friday, September 24, through Anti- (pre-order). You can find Andy Shauf on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

He’s got tour dates in both North America and Europe stretching from now until May next year – take a look on his site.