Photo: Nico Hernandez

Alt-pop enigma Jean Dawson announces new album with the gritty banger “Starface*”

Following the release of Bad Sports last year, enigmatic alt-pop sensation Jean Dawson has revealed plans for a new record this year. It’s called PIXEL BATH and will be released independently on October 23.

The announcement is spearheaded by the single “Starface*”, a rugged pop track that crackles through grimey modes to fully express Dawson’s tortured psyche. He observes himself and his shortcomings: “I live my life with my eyes closed”, “I’m just a boy”, “I run from people”. But, these admissions are wholly cathartic and authentic, and ultimately unifying in their clarity – especially combined with the pulverising production. Shape-shifting and thoroughly engrossing, “Starface*” may lyrically convey Dawson’s immaturity, but sonically suggests he’s well ahead of the pack.

Listen to “Starface*” on streaming platforms or watch the video below, which features features model Jae Unger, Brockhampton member Matt Champion, singer Cailin Russo, Zach Fogarty and many more members of Jean’s musical family. .

Jean Dawson’s new album PIXEL BATH is coming out on October 23. You can find him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.