Alt-pop duo Quasi Qui meander through the melancholy “Epoch”

You may well already know the name Yehan Jehan – he’s been garnering attention for his production chops for years now, but his latest project is something special: he’s linked up with his sister, Zadi, to form a proper duo, Quasi Qui. The two enter from differing musical worlds – Zadi adores the likes of Frank Ocean, Blood Orange, and Sade, while Yehan gravitates towards production greats such as Trevor Horn and William Orbit. Together they blend their interests into a tactful, undeniably sublime package.

For their latest single, “Epoch”, they delve into a beatific yet wistful soundscape, gentle and all-consuming at once, with playful synths, perfectly poised percussion, and a distant guitar line that might just remind you a tad of Twin Peaks. It all builds to a surreal yet impactful line: “Was walking towards a mountain that’s only getting smaller.”

Speaking on the track, they share, “‘Epoch’ is the middle point of our forthcoming debut album. It is about escaping unconscious cycles and detoxing from the accumulation of things that no longer serve you in your life and letting go of that period of time. The video represents chronologically the starting point of our journey, before everything else will occur. In order to move forward you have to leave your excess baggage behind, the items burning are our own that we had to let go. At the time of shooting we were experiencing a very intense transition and now at the time of the song’s release, it feels more relevant than ever because of our own personal experiences.

Check out the video for “Epoch” below or find the song on streaming platforms.

Quasi Qui’s debut album will arrive later this year on microqlima Records. You can find the duo on Instagram.