Photo: George Clarke

Alexis Marshall delivers the hair-raising missive “Open Mouth”

Earlier this month Alexis Marshall delivered “Hounds in the Abyss”, the first volley from his forthcoming solo album House of Lull. House of When. Today the Daughters singer shares a follow up called “Open Mouth”.

While not as oppressively scary as “Hounds in the Abyss”, there is still little to no light to be found in “Open Mouth”. With the ramshackle clatter of drums and high-pitched guitar feedback setting the tone, Marshall begins in repeated mumbles “it is not the feeling coming close”, before all the ducks get in a line and “Open Mouth” sets off on its haggard rumble. With a caustic palette, Marshall reflects on the doom that seems to be impending at every second; “has the rapture come?” he asks repeatedly, and the haywire guitar behind him suggesting that yes, it has. While it’s undoubtedly bleak, there’s no denying the hair-raising effect of “Open Mouth”, as we gradually hear him getting further swallowed into this abyss of noise and paranoia; fighting it by screaming “what a time to be alive! / what a world, they said!”

Watch the video for “Open Mouth” below or find it on streaming platforms.

Alexis Marshall’s album House of Lull. House of When comes out on July 23 through Sargent House (pre-order/save). You can find him on Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram.