Photo credit: Laurie B

Alex Jayne announces debut EP, releases icy new track “Shapes”

After returning with her single “Hollywood” last month, Alex Jayne has a new single to share with the world. “Shapes” is a misty and alluring affair; it’s hard to tell if its smoke or perfume that is filling the air. With a frosty guitar riff that seems perfect for the dropping autumnal temperatures, Jayne moves about the music like an enchanted, disorientated being. “All these shapes I see / They don’t look like me,” she incants, reckoning with the images strewn across digital landscapes affecting her own self-image. Speaking of the track, Jayne says:

“‘Shapes’ came from wanting to break free of the idea of what box you should fit in. I’m influenced by so many things and when you realise there are no rules you start to see things differently. It’s so easy to scroll through the lives of others then reflect that back on ourselves. This song is about breaking that spell. Writing ‘Shapes’ was super liberating, I wanted it to be empowering in its own way.

Along with the release of “Shapes” Jayne has announced her forthcoming debut EP. The Blue will be out on 5th November, and is said to have Jayne meditating on the future and how it evades us, eludes us, and our obsession with it. “Shapes” makes for a mystifying and tantalising offering from it. Have a listen to the track below or on your favourite streaming site.

Alex Jayne’s The Blue EP is out 5th November. You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.