Cuushe - Butterfly Case

Over the past week, there has been a steady supply of new tracks being released from Tokyo-by-way-of-Berlin dream pop artist Cuushe’s debut LP, Butterfly Case (out now on Flau Records) — including our own premiere of “Hanabi.” And if you have been keeping up with the different releases, then you’ve already heard a good chunk of the record.  But for those who haven’t, the album is now streaming in full on Flau Record’s Soundcloud page.  Humming with a distortion-drenched pop and R&B aesthetic, the record doesn’t so much violently crash through the barriers between genres but slowly, osmotically infiltrates without detection, and the sounds are interlaced before you realize what’s happened.  It’s an amazing case of musical infiltration which isn’t above hurling out the occasional barrage of spitfire riffage when it feels like it.  Listen to the full album stream of Butterfly Case below.