Photo: Silken Weinberg and Angela Ricciardi

Akira Galaxy creates Oz-like magic on “Silver Shoes”

Many videos and movies (most notably Goldfinger) have used gold imagery to great advantage, but silver is another story… until now. Akira Galaxy’s new single “Silver Shoes” is accompanied by a trippy video that’s shape-shifting and quite silvery. The song is one of many great tracks on Galaxy’s debut EP What’s Inside You, which is released today.

“Silver Shoes” creates a haunting dreamscape that sounds (to my ears) like Stevie Nicks and Chrissie Hynde at their finest. 

With regard to the “Silver Shoes” video, Akira says, “The inspiration for the makeup came from the idea of light within a void. There was also a bit of inspiration coming from the subconscious mind of my younger self and my obsession with the Wizard of Oz. When I was 3, I played a munchkin in the play, performing 50+ shows. And in the original copy of the book, Dorothy was actually wearing silver shoes, so the video paid some homage to that.”

Watch the video for “Silver Shoes” below, or find the full What’s Inside You EP on the streaming platforms.

Akira’s What’s Inside You EP is out now on Bright Antenna Records.

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