Photo: Alexa Nikol Curran

A.O. Gerber releases stripped-back another another place EP

Los Angeles-based songwriter A.O. Gerber released one of the most powerful debut albums of the year with Another Place To Need. But, just like everyone else, when she should have been out touring it and sharing it with fans on the road, she was stuck at home working a full-time job. Nonetheless, she hasn’t let the misfortune overcome her, deciding to turn lemons into lemonade by recording three stripped-back versions of songs from the LP and releasing them today as the another another place EP.

Gerber says: “This EP came about a bit by chance and a bit by design over the years I was working on Another Place To Need. There was a spooky quality to the original demo of “Strangers” that I loved and I almost released it that way initially. Instead I ended up recording this version when we went into the studio to start the record. Through the kindness of friends and the desire to keep making work while the record process was dragging on, I got to record the other two songs with some of the spirit with which they were originally written. These three songs in particular came from very dark moments in my life, and while there was something really empowering about producing them the way I did on Another Place, I also think the production hides some of their tenderness. It feels good to share the other side.”

Even without the full-band thrust to her words, on these tracks Gerber finds a new kind of power in their intimacy. They play like midnight musings, her mind quiet but slowly building up the fire needed for her to make the important life decisions that she’ll put into effect come the sunrise. It shows another facet of this emerging new songwriter, and keeps us glued to her songs until we do get the chance to see her play them live.

Below is the gorgeous “bleeders (stripped)” and you can find the full three-song another another place on streaming platforms.

A.O. Gerber will also be performing as part of the live-streamed Fair Fight Fest this weekend, an event fighting against voter suppression that will also see performances from the likes of Julia Jacklin, Shamir, Jim James and more.  Tickets for that can be bought here.

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