Photo: Nico Bernal

A.O. Gerber delights in self-pleasure on “Tell Me”

A.O. Gerber‘s debut album Another Place To Need is set to be released this Friday, May 22, and today she’s shared one final teaser in the form of “Tell Me”. Where previous singles “In The Morning” and “All I’ve Known” found her standing up for herself and striking out as a proudly strong woman, “Tell Me” involves a different kind of self appreciation. She explains:

“Tell Me” was the last song I wrote for the record. It was scary to write – scary to write about masturbation as a woman, and even scarier to write about it in a tone that isn’t jocular and a context that isn’t very self-accepting. It’s hard to admit to the dissonance that exists between self-pleasure and self-loathing – that you can simultaneously hate and love your own body, and that pleasure can be just as much about loneliness and longing as it is about sexual empowerment.

Drifting on diffuse drums and guitars that smudge into the atmosphere, “Tell Me” evokes the kind of personal relaxation that comes with masturbation, ducking under the covers and dissolving into her own world. But then, as “Tell Me” rises to its climax, Gerber gets fired up, as if she’s doing this not just out of pleasure, but as a way of casting off all the stresses that have been plaguing her. “Tell Me” is another involving and delightful track from the newcomer, once more increasing our excitement for the album.

Listen to “Tell Me” below or get it on your preferred platform.

A.O. Gerber’s debut album Another Place To Need is released this Friday on Hand In Hive/Copper Mouth Records.