Photo: Nico Bernal

A.O. Gerber audibly glows on “All I’ve Known”

Subject of a previous Introducing feature, A.O. Gerber has shared a new song called “All I’ve Known”, which is set to be the closer of her upcoming debut album Another Place To Need. Gerber says about the song:

This was the first song I started working on for the record, before I knew it would be a record. It’s also probably the one that transformed the most from what it was in my head to what it ended up being and, because I worked on it for almost three years, had the most different lives over that time. I learned a lot through the process. It set the tone for the whole record.

A song that starts with the gentle drift of contemplation, “All I’ve Known” finds A.O. Gerber comparing her fantasies with reality and coming to terms with where she now finds herself in the world. Undaunted, Gerber seems to set light to her past and “All I’ve Known” starts to glow and crackle with new passion and confidence, the gorgeous layers of instrumentation and voice displaying all the new avenues she now sees ahead of her.

Make sure to catch up with A.O. Gerber’s previous singles if you haven’t already, and keep an ear out for her debut album, Another Place To Need, which is coming out on May 22 via Hand In Hive / Copper Mouth Records.

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