Photo: Michelle Arcila

Xenia Rubinos grasps for freedom on the glitchy banger “Working All The Time” and announces new album

Following a string of singles, Xenia Rubinos has finally announced her new album, Una Rosa, will be released on October 15 through Anti-. The news brings with it another single called “Working All The Time”, about which she says:

“It’s a 2-minute maximalist jaunt, it reminds me of a hot NYC summerAll of that progress and thought and action that came about in this past year just goes to show you how much the people are capable of when they’re not exhausted and in a zombie-like state of work 24/7. People need rest in order to think and to organize.”

As hinted at by the above quote, despite “Working All The Time” being only two minutes long, it’s not short on political commentary and musical zaniness. Built on staccato synths and bombastic blasts, it finds Rubinos singing/rapping in the character of “just a lover” who finds “you keep putting me in cages / Every day and night”. Just as the amount of sounds in “Working All The Time” can be overwhelming, so this protagonist find life’s demands drowning her, admitting “The same old story keep Repeating upon ME, me, me, ME / And it was my day ooooooooff.” Just when you think you might have a handle on it, she pitch-shifts her voice for the second rap-sung verse, where she cuttingly suggests “You better keep me poor and busy / Or I’d be a danger,” and punctuates it with air horns, among many other electronic and hip-hop inspired sounds.

The mania of the music is carried into the video, which was created with Mario Rubén Carrión – watch it below.

Xenia Rubinos’ new album Una Rosa comes out on October 15 through Anti- (pre-order/save). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.