Wyldest beautifully augments her sound on the contemplative “The Best Is Yet To Come”

Zoe Mead aka Wyldest is back with her first new music of the year in “The Best is Yet to Come”. The songwriter went through a fallow creative period during the pandemic, but was drawn out of it by Luciano Rossi, (formerly of Idelwild, currently of Dama Scout) who helped move it in new directions. The first song to be heard from this creative team up is “The Best is Yet to Come”, which Mead introduces by saying:

“‘The Best is Yet to Come’ is about being hopeful that all the great things we had once are also mapped out in the future too, life is long and comes in multiple different chapters, it’s all part of the journey and we should never lose sight of the the present as things are constantly changing and evolving, so we can just sit back and enjoy the ride.”

We’re instantly tuned into Wyldest’s isolation as she mournfully accepts that everyone is leaving the city “to avoid the over-density of poison in the air”. However, Wyldest makes it into a melancholic marvel through the sheer breadth of sound and feeling with which she imbues it. Although it starts from simply the singer and her guitar, it doesn’t take long to blossom with atmospheric keys, a drizzle of strings and a surging low end – but perhaps the most impactful part is Wyldest’s voice, which has no problem cresting the top of the instrumental wave, showing a level of power and control we’ve rarely heard from her before. As the song continues to crank up the beauty with even more added to the arrangement, her words and voice only become more resonant. “The Best is Yet to Come” may take a downbeat tone, but it takes Wyldest’s sound beyond the dreampop realm and truly does suggest that there is bigger and brighter ahead from the project.

Watch the video for “The Best is Yet to Come” below or find the song on streaming platforms.

“The Best is Yet to Come” is out on Hand In Hive. You can find Wyldest on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.