It seems that White Lies aren’t content with just making big, anthemic songs and albums. The band want the popularity Kings Of Leon are currently enjoying around the world, presumably to back-up that big stadium-sized sound they’ve got.

Speaking to the NME about the band’s ambition, vocalist and guitarist Harry McVeigh stated: “I’ve been reading a lot of things about Kings Of Leon’s career path. Whether you like them or not, they were on a perfect rise to the level they were at. With each record they’ve grown in popularity, and I think that’s a really comfortable way to become one of the biggest bands in the world.”

McVeigh adds: “We’ve toured with them, seen how comfortable they looked onstage and what a good show they put on. If we were to get to that level it’d be a really natural and accomplished way of doing it.” So at least there’s an indication the band aren’t ready to sell their souls yet, and there’s more of a focus on musical growth than letting their image do the talking (KoL’s Armani suits, anyone?).

Still, considering the critical pasting White Lies’ second album Ritual has received, I’m not too sure if these comments will go down too well in the music world; maybe they’d have been better off using Muse as an example. But then again, it’s hard to hear your detractors if you’re playing Hyde Park/Wembley Stadium/The O2 arena.