Over the course of BPM’s lifespan, three years-plus of development, the content we put out has evolved greatly. What started off as a bare-bones news-and-reviews blog now features everything from live coverage to streams of new tracks to extensive columns and features. And while each of those sections of the site have a ton to offer, the rigidity of the categories can sometimes allow things to slip through the cracks because they don’t fit into one of them.

Enter The Metronome. This is our staff blog, which will be edited by me and will feature a wildly diverse array of contributions from the entire staff. Lists, polls, more opinionated takes on news stories, spotlights on artists and albums we missed the first time around for whatever reason, instant reactions to new releases, looks at the behind-the-scenes process of running this site—just about anything goes here. My hope is that this will create an outlet for our writers to stretch out and do things that wouldn’t fit into one of the other categories on the site, and that you will have as much fun reading it as we will writing it.