Anyone familiar with Japanese musician Cuushe will know that the track “Airy Me” is near enough four years old, taken from her 2009 debut album Red Rocket Telepathy. The reason the video for the track comes now is that it simply took a hell of a lot of time to create. The video for “Airy Me” has been painstakingly hand-drawn by young Japanese artist and animator, Yoko Kuno. The video was produced as part of her graduation assignment whilst at University and took almost two years to complete and features 3000 different illustrations. Watch it and enter a world of surreal fantasy set in a hospital where the colours are simple, but the images dazzling, if not a little terrifying at times. Imagine a Studio Ghibli sketchboard made up while the animators were on LSD. Cuushe fans might also hear that the tack has been spruced up a little, courtesy of by Flau label boss, Yasuhiko Fukuzono. Cuushe, however, is currently getting her next album Butterfly Case ready for release on 23rd September via Flau. Watch “Airy Me” below.

Cuushe – Airy Me from flau on Vimeo.