Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - Theatre Is Evil

Here’s something that is making the rounds on the internet: after her performance at Glastonbury where (to the probably nonchalant glares of her fans and listeners) her breast inadvertently escaped her bra, the British publication the Daily Mail saw fit to report on the important issue at hand: boobs. Confounded that they took such amazement in something so regular in an Amanda Palmer performance, and irked that they never actually made any reference to her set, Palmer decided to put her thoughts into a lyrical form over a solo piano waltz which she then performed once and never again to a sold out crowd at London’s Roundhouse. Thus “Dear Daily Mail. Sincerely, Amanda Palmer.” which is a humorous attack at an institution that asks for it most of the time. Best lyrics include:

“There’s a thing called a search engine: use it!/ If you’d googled my tits in advance you’d have found that your photos are hardly exclusive”

Watch the video below, and take note that it does become NSFW at one point.