Seattle-based singer Barbara Trentalange — aka Trentalange — has always used her music as a way of working through her own various experiences and emotions.  But on her upcoming Mark Feveyear (Jessie Sykes, Mark Lanegan)-produced third album, Same Illusion (out January 28th), she is using her music in a far more pointed way.  With the revelation and public acknowledgement of her battle with clinical depression, the songs that comprise her forthcoming album take on a far more personal and intimate nature.  “By exploring my emotions and being honest with myself, I’ve been going through a long process of healing,” she says about her ongoing recovery.  And in the stark keyboard notes, submerged bits of distortion, and jazz-influenced percussive flourishes of lead single, “Reconnected,” she takes on these difficult decisions and uses her beautifully evocative voice to express an inner hope, as well as a subtle catharsis that continually builds throughout the track.

Trentalange says of her new single, “”Reconnected” is about this journey towards forgiving myself for all of the self-destructive beliefs I have been holding onto, and learning to love my spirit again.”  For the video to “Reconnected” — which she describes as a “video selfie” — the camera stays focused on her face, allowing the viewer an unfiltered and quite personal view of the singer.  “I chose to do the video this way due to the introspective nature of the song. I’m taking a good look at myself,” she explains.  There are dark edges to the words and temperament of the song, but she also conveys a sense of expected hope and of upraised spirits.  Glimmering slightly, the song leaves room for the chance of resolution, though it’s by no means assured.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the video for “Reconnected” from Trentalange’s upcoming album, Same Illusion.