old wives tale

Florida-based indie rock band Old Wive’s Tale is comprised of brothers Jaime and Juan Felipe Valenica on lead guitar and bass respectively, along with Pablo Toro on drums.  And having released their sophomore album Late Night Paraphernalia back in late 2010, the band has decided to release a video for their track “Josephine” taken from that record.  The video for “Josephine,” directed by Pablo Piriz and filmed by Angel Barroeta, tells the story of a group of urban graffiti artists who turn random street fixtures (street lights, mailboxes, and parking meters) into robotic figures that display anti-labor messages such as “life turns into labor” and “hunt your great white whale.” This is all juxtaposed against footage of the band playing together on a strobe-lit stage with orchestrated lights flashing behind them.  And between the surging waves of electric guitar, elastic bass, and thumping percussion, the band burns through the song at a marathon pace.  And while the song itself details the narrator dealing with emotional withdrawals from the titular Josephine, the video makes good use of the song’s quick-paced melody and cathartic vocals to accompany its visuals.

Beats Per Minute is please to premiere the video for “Josephine” taken from Old Wives’ Tale’s latest album Late Night Paraphernalia.