Jason Blum _1

Current Austin, TX singer-songwriter Jason Blum saw the release of his latest collection of songs, Radio Dial, earlier this year on Bitchen Records. Essentially a travelogue of Blum’s musical journeys, the album skips around casually from genre to genre–often within the same song.  Pop, folk, and classic rock all find comfortable homes throughout the 10 tracks that comprise Radio Dial.  Blum recently got together with longtime friend and collaborator John Gibson to make a video for album opener “Josephine.”  Creating a dazzling fairytale framework, Gibson inserts Blum and model/friend Gabi Tuschak into a virtual world where he takes on the form of a narrating butterfly, while Tuschak plays a worried woman, consumed with anxiety over a budding relationship.  Incorporating CGI, stop motion animation, and green screen work, the video melds surprisingly well with the laid back groove of the song.  And it’s this amalgamation of techniques–both visual and aural–that cause the video to remain in your memory long after the music has faded away.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the video for “Josephine” from Jason Blum’s latest record Radio Dial.