Cherokee Red

The Pennsylvania- based indie quintet Cherokee Red has made quite a name for themselves shaping and developing their own hazy mix of dream pop and jangle rock aesthetics. But instead of disregarding the obvious influences like so many other bands who tread this musical territory tend to do, Cherokee Red embrace their hazy pop lineage with a zealous fervor—which translates into a deep seated respect for the antecedent bands who carved out their own distinct dream pop niche in decades past. And there is no sense of complacency within the band, no sense of rote memorization. They are just as likely to hit the amps and let loose with a swirling barrage of fuzz drenched guitar lines, as they are to move through a gentle rhythm with subtle flourishes of syncopated drums and wobbling bass.

The video for Cherokee Red’s recent single “Vaya Con Dios” is simple and and free of any assumed affectation.  It shows the band simply hanging out at their cabin, with the gentle sway and memorable melody of the song pairing perfectly with the laid back vibe of the video. The band’s ease in each other’s company, while obvious from the casually synchronized interplay of their music, comes to the fore as they goof around and generally behave exactly like a group of close knit friends would act.  With gently struck xylophone, a subtly shuffling drum beat, and singer Christiana Bartolini’s soothing vocals, the song feels like the perfect soundtrack to the last few moments of a dream–those precious few seconds before you realize that you’re awake.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the video for “Vaya Con Dios” from Cherokee Red off their recently released debut record.