After a month of rumors and speculation, VH1 is now claiming that Watch the Throne will NOT be coming out on the 4th of July. They don’t offer much in the way of detail, except to say that they managed to talk to Jay-Z’s management team and they denied the rumors.

Our thoughts? It could still go either way. If an artist really wants to keep a surprise release well, a surprise, of course they are going to deny it. Then add in the fact that so many people around their camp has hinted at the 4th of July release. Then again they might be as in the dark as the rest of us. Whether coincidence, or teasing, Def Jam’s own Vice President tweeted today:

Of course, it could be completely coincidental. It is after all, the weekend before 4th of July. Regardless, we will still keep our fingers crossed and hope that release happens.