Up-and-coming Atlanta rapper Tony Shhnow links up with Zelooperz for the crystallized cool of “Last Chance”

Perhaps especially in the crowded, endlessly influential hip hop scene of Atlanta, rising to the top is no easy task. Whatever “it” is, though, Tony Shhnow has it in spades. Keeping it moving, he’s just announced his latest mixtape, Reflexions, due out June 9.

To kick things off, he’s shared the endlessly smooth “Last Chance” featuring none other than Zeelooperz. It recalls 90s R&B with a beat that’d have made Aaliyah proud, all while sounding entirely current. Shhnow, for his part, alternates between a buttery, sing song hook and punchy verses, while Zeelooperz makes his presence known, as always.

The video is all staticky imagery and throbbing colors, psychedelic and full of sheen. Check it out below.

The rapper’s new mixtape Reflections is out on June 9. You can find Tony Shhnow on Twitter and Instagram.