Ultraflex exert their creative prowess on sparkling and seductive disco bop “Baby”

Ultraflex, the duo of Farao and Special-K, are back with a new single to follow-up their recent return “Relax”. This time they gift us “Baby”, a song that hits home on all the things that make this project so much fun. They say:

“Although the song is about romantic endeavours, we realised afterwards that it is also about our artistic collaboration. It emphasises the importance of taking risks (otherwise “you’ve already lost”) and indicates that whatever happens tomorrow, we’ve got each other right now, and that’s what counts – the energy of the moment is worth whatever the future brings, whether it’s happy-ever-after or heartbreak.”

Indeed, “Baby” is filled with vocals so breathy that it feels like a caricature of a low-budget 80s erotic thriller – but the production, which is also indebted to 80s disco and Italo pop sounds, is so pristine and tasteful that it makes you reevaluate the whole thing. Sure, there’s silliness in it (“I see you across the room and you’re not looking at me? / I’m gonna fix that / I’m gonna sneak into your peripheral vision / And you’re gonna notice me when I dance”), but this is actually a, well, flex from Ultraflex; they know they’re brimming with confidence and class, and they sashay through the trilling tones and bumping beats of “Baby” with supreme confidence. “No, I’m not scared / I’m falling freely / Through the air / I’m taking you with me” they seductively intone in the chorus – and we are powerless to resist.

Watch the video for “Baby” below or find it on streaming platforms.

“Baby” is out on Street Pulse. You can find Ultraflex on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can find Farao on Facebook here, on Instagram here, and on Twitter here.

Special-K is on Facebook here, on Instagram here, and on Twitter here.