Photo: Okay Kaya

Farao and Special-K team up as Ultraflex and announce album with flirtatious disco-pop tune “Work Out Tonight”

Ultraflex is a new combination of Scandinavian talents that sees Norway’s Farao and Icelandic musician Special-K join forces for some danceable pop bangers. They’ve got an album called Vision of Ultraflex coming out on October 30.

The first single “Work Out Tonight” presents Ultraflex as an energetic and highly provocative pairing, as it blasts forward with unfazed sexual energy on the back of irrepressible synths and simple but tropical-tinged percussion. The vocals flutter from whispers to sing-song commands, but the sexual tension just becomes more palpable as the song progresses: “sweat dripping down my face / stretching my body in various ways.” “Work Out Tonight” is a frolicsome and bouncy bop that could easily soundtrack a sweaty work out – and it doesn’t matter whether it’s in the gym or in the bedroom.

The video for “Work Out Tonight” sees the pair teaming with another Scandinavian great, Okay Kaya. Ultraflex say: “‘Work Out Tonight’ is the first in a trilogy of Ultraflex videos directed by genius artist and our good friend OKAY KAYA. Bathing, sunshine, pickles… We decided to give our fans a special glimpse into our everyday lifestyle.”

Ultraflex’s debut album Visions of Ultraflex is out October 30 on Street Pulse. You can find the project on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.