U.S. Girls present their anti-consumerist festive offering “Santa Stay Home”

Meg Remy aka U.S. Girls started 2020 by releasing the brilliant Heavy Light and they’re finishing it with a festive special – although “Santa Stay Home” is not your usual lights and joy affair. Remy’s regular sardonicism is fully intact – but so is her knack for instantly memorable melodies.

If the title doesn’t make it clear, “Santa Stay Home” is Remy’s anti-Christmas anthem, and the verses detail all of the problems inherent in the holiday. Prime among them is the waste, as she begins the song by evoking the image of overflowing landfills, while bells jingle in the background. “Santa Stay Home” then moves into a lighthearted pop song, with sprightly tempo pushing the melody in a beautifully merry space – until you take a closer look at the lyrics. She’s begging Santa to stay home, and for us to forget about presents that “don’t mean shit” while polar caps are melting and seasons are blending, she sends the unwavering message: “we need to hurry up and slow down.”

Listen to “Santa Stay Home” below or on streaming platforms.

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