TWICE release new album Eyes Wide Open along with stellar video for lead single “I Can’t Stop Me”

Just like all of us, it’s been a hard year for K-pop sensations TWICE. The nine-member girl group has dealt with much more than the global pandemic, with one of the members being targeted by a stalker whose behavior gradually grew from incredibly creepy to truly alarming, culminating in a series of death threats toward the singer.

Needless to say, this impacted all of the tightknit group to varying degrees, so when members began to speak of their thoughts on life after TWICE upon the release of their last mini-album (read: essentially Korean for EP), some feared the pressure would see to the end of the massively adored group as we know it.

Well, the title clearly shows TWICE looking towards the future with Eyes Wide Open, and we needn’t fear their demise yet (though recent events certainly shouldn’t be ignored, with one member sitting out promotions for the album due to anxiety). They’ve returned with their second full-length Korean language LP, allowing trauma to have a place in their songwriting, with members teasing the album as their most mature, daring, and dark to date

To celebrate the occasion, they’ve also shared a video for title track and lead single, which you can check out below. Per the usual for TWICE, it’s an all-inclusive burst of delight, strong visuals combined with even stronger earworm hooks and verses, boasting some serious 80’s Synthpop inspiration. TWICE season couldn’t have come sooner.

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