TWICE catch “The Feels” in their gleeful first English single

TWICE may long have been favorites at home in South Korea, and among those already converted to K-pop, but it seems they’re setting their sights on a proper, shall we say, Westward expansion.

They’ve finally come together for an original song sung entirely in English – their very first, excluding English versions of previously released Korean songs – with the exuberant, carefree “The Feels”. It’s delightfully vibrant video sees them invited to some seemingly magical Prom, and follows their preparations and and general goofing around prior the event.

Along with their latest single, they’ve shared a healthy helping of news, most importantly, that they will release their third full album this November, as well as embark on their fourth proper tour. It’s a good day for ONCE (that’d be the name of their fan base, if you’re arching a confused eyebrow).

Catch “The Feels” below, and stay tuned to Beats Per Minute for more regarding TWICE very soon.